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At professional Academys, we are committed and engrossed to maintain the privacy and security of the personal information of the students. We know the importance of data and information, thus, we keep then protected and secured with us. We have devised our privacy policy that describes why we collect and how we use the collected data & information of yours.

How we collect your data & information?

Whenever you visit our website, you will be asked with a few questions like name, email address, phone number etc. for registration or query purposes. We collect this data from them. Along with this, we also gather your information when you fill out any online form.

Why we collect personal information or data?

We mainly collect the personal information and data of the students to maintain our records and database so that we can contact you in the future. Along with this, we collect your data:

  • For protecting our training institute against damage, theft, and fraud to our property.
  • For making you aware of the discount offers, events and admission process.
  • For following your requests
  • For sending periodic emails regarding the institute or services
  • For improving customer service and enhancing their satisfaction level

Professional Academys doesn’t transfer your personal details or information to any third party. We might release the data only when the release would be considered appropriate to our or other rights, to enforce our website policy and to comply with the law. Further, we do not provide your information to any third party for advertising or any other purposes.

We have adopted and implemented these principles in order to protect the privacy of your information:

  • Our institute takes reasonable and responsible steps for protecting your information from disclosure or unauthorized access.
  • We don’t sell it for marketing purposes